What questions are Candidates likely to hear from Recruiters, Search Committees or a Hiring Agent?

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Higher Education Leadership Search weighs in on this important topic in an article by Jason Starr of GatedTalent.

Senior-level candidates can expect to be challenged when facing executive interview questions.  Generally speaking, recruiters will avoid predictable questions that can lead to trite answers.

However, specific themes can be expected in many interview scenarios and, as Andrew Guy – a board member with global executive search firm Friisberg & Partners explains – such questions:

“…are open goals and should be thought through fully and hammered into the back of the net when/if asked. Because they can be expected, they can and should be dealt with very deftly. Conversely, fumbling for an answer to any of them looks really bad.”

In this regular blog, we’ll be asking senior-level executive recruiters around the World to share examples of questions that they pose during interviews – and to share the thinking behind the questions.

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